From power grids to aviation, from heavy transportation to warehouse robotics, Carbon-Ion will be there to deliver power on demand.

Carbon-Ion currently holds over 100 patents and continues to expand its portfolio of intellectual property.

The Carbon-Ion Story

Carbon-Ion was founded to further develop and bring to market the groundbreaking technology originally developed by ZapGo Ltd. With over 100 patents, Carbon-Ion Energy and its subsidiary Oxcion Ltd are advancing the research and development of next-generation power storage and delivery to address the needs of a rapidly electrifying world and to help fulfill the promise of a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Today, lithium- and cobalt-based batteries are in widespread use in our phones, laptops, cordless appliances, power tools, and electric vehicles. However, these batteries are not a perfect solution and need support. Additionally, their base materials, such as cobalt, are increasingly challenging to source, and recycling these batteries is difficult. As these batteries become more widely used, there are also greater risks of fire.

We are developing a new type of high-power storage device called Carbon-Ion or C-Ion. It is safer, faster charging, does not use rare-earth materials, and can be recycled at the end of life.

The Carbon-Ion ENERGY Advantage