Leading The Charge

Materials science, chemistry, electronic engineering, business management: our team has deep expertise in all fields and more.

Andrew Sispoidis

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Siposidis is the Chief Executive Officer at Carbon-Ion Energy. As a seasoned business operator, Andrew’s leadership and development skills have led 10 high-growth, middle-market and start-up companies (series A through mezzanine). With a demonstrated ability to improve performance of multi-million-dollar businesses, Andrew has a strong record of revenue and profit growth. He has managed up to 180 direct-reports and $132MM in revenue with a $52MM operating budget. Andrew has previously sold 3 companies, raised more than $250 million in capital, and returned over $1.4 billion in value. Andrew has been recognized as an “Innovator” by the Connecticut Technology Council and the MIT Enterprise Forum. Andrew is an accomplished speaker as a TEDx speaker on cybersecurity and has been a guest lecturer at: Fordham, Columbia, Stanford, Yale, NYU, and the University of Connecticut.

Adrian Jones

Chief Financial Officer

Adrian Jones is the Chief Financial Officer at Carbon-Ion Energy. Adrian is an associate member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales qualifying in 1982. Adrian has extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of finance, start-ups, fund raising, and turnarounds achieved through assignments in software, energy, telecoms (fixed and mobile) and in hospitality. He has been a board director for companies in the UK and Europe at both finance and general management roles and acts as a consultant advisor in operational and finance due diligence related to M&A activities, Adrian has worked at KPMG London (as in its predecessor business Thomson McLintock & Co London), Boole and Babbage UK, IntelliCorp Europe, Intergraph UK, PSI Network, Infonet, Via Networks, Connectivity and Mesaplexx. Adrian is P/T CFO at SRS Works Limited.

Dr. Hugh Sutherland

Chief Technical Officer

Dr. Hugh Sutherland is the Chief Technical Officer at Carbon-Ion Energy. Hugh is based in the UK and is a highly experienced technical leader and scientist with a track record of delivering complex development programs. His broad expertise includes fundamental research into low-carbon energy devices, polymer synthesis and other relevant technologies. He has also worked on technology, market and business strategies to facilitate the spin-out of low- carbon energy businesses from leading UK research institutions. From 2016, Hugh led all research and development activities at ZapGo Ltd, covering a full range of from fundamental research to prototype manufacture. Hugh will lead all technical activities at Carbon-Ion and build a team to accelerate toward its ambitious technology targets. In addition to his doctorate in Polymer Chemistry, he holds an MBA from Henley Business School.